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goMobi User Guide


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Introduction to goMobi


While the web browsers supplied with modern smart phones are capable of viewing any website, most sites are optimised for desktop computers with fast internet connections.


As mobile devices have smaller screens and often use touch screen technology, the usability of a website can differ greatly from a desktop computer. To compensate for this, many websites now offer a second version which is specially tailored for use on a mobile phone. This support site for example has a "normal" version and a special "mobile" version for people who want to visit it on a mobile phone.


By creating a mobile version of your website, you can ensure that all users will get the best possible experience when they visit, no matter what device they are browsing the internet on.


goMobi allows you to create a mobile friendly site in minutes, and will automatically switch users to the mobile version of your site when they are using a smart phone.


Creating your goMobi site


1. If you haven't already - Sign up for a goMobi account.

2. Configure your mobile domain name to point to your goMobi account. Examples: or

3. Login to your goMobi control panel, using the login details that were emailed to you after you signed up:

There are two sections within the goMobi control panel which allow you to design and control the features of your mobile website.



There is also a preview window on the right hand side which will show any changes you make in real time.


Setting the site design


The design tab will allow you to control the style of your mobile website. The following six sections allow you to customise your site.




Enter the name and a description for your website. These details will be shown on every page of your mobile site.



Once you have entered these details, click OK to save your changes and view your new information in the preview pane on the right hand side.


Language & Region


Next, choose the language in which to display the goMobi icons and features on your website.



Don't forget to click OK to save your changes.


Business Sectors


Select your Sector and Business category from the drop down menus. These will not appear to customers visiting your site, but will be read by search engines and will help with search engine optimization.





Choose a theme for your mobile site. Don't forget to click OK once you have selected your favourite.



Background Colour


Choose a background colour for your site. Then click OK.






You have two ways of adding a logo to your mobile site, you can either click Browse for image file to upload your logo from a local image on your computer, or if you have a copy of your logo online, you can add the link to this logo by entering the URL of your logo image file in the text box provided.


Quick tip: If you already display a logo on your website, it is better to link to this logo than by uploading a local copy. This way, if you ever change the logo on your website the logo on your mobile site will also be updated.



Click OK to save your changes.


Removing goMobi branding

Step 1

At the foot of your website is a small banner showing that this is a goMobi website. If you do not want to show that this is a goMobi website, you can remove this branding through your goMobi control panel.

Click the Features tab then scroll down the list until you see the Advanced section at the foot of the page.

Step 2

Click the Options link, and then check the box marked Suppress branding.

Step 3

Click OK to save your changes. The branding will now be removed from your mobile site.


Adding Features to your Mobile website


goMobi allows you to create a large number of mobile optimized features for your website, allowing you to ensure that mobile users have all the functionality they need from your website at their fingertips.


Each of these features has an additional options button that will help you get the most from your new features and change the name and order that they appear on your mobile site. The features you can add are listed below:


Note: By Default, the Full website and Tell a Friend features are already enabled on your mobile site.


Call Us


Display your telephone number to allow your customers to easily call you.

Simply add your full contact number (including international dialling code) to the text box and click OK.


Find Us


Enter your address details in the text boxes provided. This address will display at the foot of the site. Customers clicking on the Find Us button will see your address, and links to Google maps.


Full Website


This provides a link that customers can use to view the desktop version of your website. This is already set up with your website details by default.


Opening Hours


Enter your opening hours in this feature. goMobi will then check the time and display a different logo on your site depending upon if you are currently open or not.



Customers that select the icon will be able to see the full opening hours of your business.


Booking Request


Set your business type and email address in the text boxes provided to allow customers to email you directly with bookings online.

Quick tip: You don't need to be a restaurant or hotel to use this feature. Use the Options link to change the name of the feature to "Book a Service visit" or anything you like in line with your business requirements.

Customers clicking this link will be taken to an online booking form.




If you have a photo or image gallery on your website, link to it here. Simply add the address of your image gallery into the text box provided.




An "About Us" page can be found on many websites. If you already have one on your existing desktop website, you can enter the address of this page and link to it directly. If you don't have one on your existing site, but want one on your mobile site, simply enter a description in the text box provided.




Links directly to the products page on your main website, or simply add a description of the products you sell.




If you provide a service, add a link directly to the services page on your website, or simply add a description of the services you offer in the text box provided.


News Feed


To add an RSS feed to your mobile site simply enter the URL of your RSS feed in the text box provided. Customers clicking this icon will see any RSS updates that you have posted.




Provide instant access to your blog by entering the name for your blog, and its web address, in the text boxes provided.


New Link


Add a new link to any website page you want. Enter a name for the link to show customers where they will be taken.


Quick tip: You can create as many new links as you want.


Create Page


This feature allows you to create your own page from scratch on your mobile site. Enter the text of your new page in the text box provided, and use the text formatting options to create bullet points, lists, or format your text with bold print or italics. You can also click the button marked source to enter, or view your text in HTML format.


Quick tip: You can create as many new links as you want. As this page will only appear to people visiting your mobile website, you can create special offers exclusively for mobile users to encourage customers to view your website from their mobile devices. You can also achieve a similar result with the Coupon feature explained later in this guide.




This feature allows you to add all the legal content to your site. This content will appear as links at the foot of every page on your site. There are three different types of legal content you can add.

  • Copyright
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy

As with many of the other features, you can either add your own content specific to your mobile site, or add a link to any existing content that you have on your desktop site.


Note: Wherever possible, you should link to existing content to ensure that both your desktop site and your mobile site have the same messaging.




This allows you to offer special promotions to customers using your mobile site. You can add the offer name, a description and a closing date for your offer. Once the closing date has passed, the coupon will automatically disappear from your mobile site!


Site Monetization


Make money from advertising by including any existing AdMob, or Google AdSense campaigns to your website.


Call Me Back


Allows customers to request a call back. Customers clicking this button will be asked to enter a form where they can add their phone number and any comments. This will then be emailed to an address you specify so that you can call them back whenever you want.


Leave a Message


This works in the same way as "Call Me Back", but allows customers to leave an email address to reply to. This form also includes a subject heading that the customer can enter when emailing you.


Tell a friend


This feature allows customers a quick way of sending an SMS message containing a link to your website to a friend. You can customise any message that precedes the link to your website.


Keep me Informed


Allow customers to subscribe to your mailing lists with this feature. Customers clicking this icon will be provided with a form where they can enter their details. You can set the form to ask for an email address, a phone number, or both.

You specify an email address to which an email will be sent each time a customer completes the form, allowing you to add their details to your mailing list.





If you have a Facebook account, add your username in the text box provided. Any customer selecting this icon will be directed to your public Facebook page.


Important: Your Facebook page must be public. If you have privacy set in your settings your customers will not be able to see your Facebook site.




Allow customers to engage with you via social media. If you have a Twitter feed, simply enter your Twitter username in the text box provided to provide a link customers can use to view your tweets.


Event Calendar


This feature allows you to add a feed from a public Google Calendar. Allowing customers to see upcoming events and attractions.

Quick tip: You can find out your public calendar feed by following Google's support article:

You should select the XML button, when obtaining the address to use.


Site Translation (beta)


Allows your customers to view your site in a language of their choice.


Note: This feature is based on a third party automated translation and therefore errors in translation can occur.


Social Media Icons


This feature adds a selection of social media icons to the foot of each page, allowing customers to comment on your site through social media channels.


Traffic Booster


You can add up to 6 keywords and a short description of your business. These will not be seen by customers, but will be read by search engines, helping them to rank your site. Keywords should be separated by a comma.


Google Analytics


If you already have a Google Analytics account you can enter your web tracking ID here and start collecting data from your mobile website.


Quick tip: You can find out your web tracking ID by following Google's support article:




This section allows you some additional customisation options and links to useful resources to help you get the most from your site. You need to click the link marked Options to view all the settings available in this section.



Changing the name, order and appearance of features


Once you have set up the features you require on your mobile site, you can change their names, icons and position within your website simply and easily.

Click on the feature you would like to edit and click the link marked Options.


Renaming an Icon


From the options menu, simply enter a new name for the icon in the text box provided.

Click OK to save your changes.



Changing the appearance of an icon


From the options menu, click the link marked Change Icon.

You can select a theme from the drop down menu at the top of the screen, and then select an icon from the list shown.

Once the icon has been selected click OK on the next screen.




Changing the position of an Icon


Each icon is provided a position within your website. Number one will start in the top left of your website, icons will then be added from left to right until that row is full and a new row will be started underneath it.

From the options menu, select the new position of your icon from the drop down menu provided and click OK.


Domain Name Server (DNS) settings - Back to top

In order to route HTTP traffic to goMobi domains, the DNS settings for mobile domain traffic must be configured correctly.
To do this, you must change your DNS records for your mobile domain according to the most appropriate scenario in the table below.
Note: If you are unsure where and how to manage your DNS settings, please contact your domain provider for help.

Mobile domain type

Required DNS settings

3rd-level mobile domain name

Set the CNAME record to direct traffic to
Example: CNAME

2nd-level mobile domain name

If the DNS system supports CNAMEs on 2nd-level domains,use a CNAME record to direct traffic to
Example CNAME

If the DNS system does not support CNAMEs on 2nd-level domains, use an HTTP redirect server to redirect to, add an A record for to point at this server, and then add a CNAME record for that points to

- If you have any problems in changing the DNS settings for domain names that have been registered via UK Secure Web Hosting, then simply open a support ticket and we'll set everything up for you.
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