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To help you set up your website and configure your email as easily as possible, we have created a series of tutorials and 'How To' Demos. These are graphical 'step by step' lessons, you can 'fast-forward', 'pause' and 're-wind' these demos at anytime....Click on the appropriate link below and the demo will start in a new window (you may need to re-adjust your browser to accept pop-ups):

cPanelControl Panel (cPanel):

Email Email:


Uploading Your Site:



Configuring FlashFXP
How to transfer files in FlashFXP
Configuring WS_FTP Pro
Managing files in WS_FTP Pro
Transferring files in WS_FTP Pro
Configuring SmartFTP
Managing files in SmartFTP
Configuring CuteFTP Pro
Setting preferences in CuteFTP Pro
Scheduled file transfers in CuteFTP Pro
Managing files in CuteFTP Pro
Setting preferences in LeapFTP
Managing files in LeapFTP


Upload your site using Adobe Dreamweaver

RVSiteBuilder RVSiteBuilder:

 We have a dedicated page for our FREE Online Website Builder - View Demos

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