Introduction to Patchman

Patchman is a scanning service that scans the most popular web applications for outdated applications, vulnerabilities, and malware scripts. Its purpose is to scan your site and fix any known vulnerabilities it finds without damaging your site.

Patchman currently supports the following applications with more applications and features to come:

  • WordPress (3.x and later)
  • Joomla (1.5.x and later)
  • Drupal (5.x and later)
  • osCommerce (2.2) 
  • Magento (1.9.2 and later)
  • WooCommerce (2.1.0 and later)
  • PrestaShop ( and later)

What does Patchman do to secure my site?...

Out-Dated Application Checks

Keeping your applications up-to-date is essential to keeping your site secure.  New updates to applications not only provide you with the latest features but also provide patches to known vulnerabilities.  If you have multiple applications installed on your account, it can be easy to lose track of what's been updated and what has not.  Patchman offers the ability to, at a glance, show you any outdated versions of the applications it supports installed within your account.


New vulnerabilities are found regularly in applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. When this happens, the application developer works as quickly as they can to release an update to secure these vulnerabilities. Once released, the best course of action is to update your application as well. In the event that you are unable to update your application right away, Patchman will automatically patch the vulnerabilities for you after a period of time. This allows us to maintain a secure service environment.

Malware Scanning and Removal

Malware files are often injected into your webspace through vulnerable PHP applications. These can remain in place even when your application is brought up to date, and can cause plenty of headaches from unwanted search keywords to spam messages coming from your domain, and DDoS attacks against other domains/servers.  Patchman will scan your account for these malicious scripts and automatically quarantine them. This lets you focus on growing your business instead of cleaning up the mess.

Customer Notification

Education is an important aspect of security.  With Patchman, you will receive notifications for security incidents and outdated applications with detailed background information on the vulnerabilities that are plaguing your site.

Roll Back Changes

Patchman has been designed to fix issues without breaking your site. However should one of the patches cause any undesired effects, you can quickly roll back any patches to bring your site back online via your cPanel or contact us.

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