Accessing Patchman Via My cPanel

The Patchman dashboard is available to access via cPanel.

To access Patchman, log into cPanel and scroll to the "Advanced" section. You will see a Patchman icon. Click this icon to access the Patchman user-level interface:

cPanel Patchman Access


Once you have clicked the Patchman icon, you will be presented with your Patchman dashboard and a list of the current vulnerabilities in your account:

cPanel Patchman Stats

At the top, you will see two graphs. The bar/line chart will show you the new detections by date, and the number of unresolved issues on the account. The pie chart on the right will show you the number of outdated/up-to-date applications installed on your account. 

The aim should be to reduce the number of unresolved issues to 0, and increase the number of up-to-date applications so that 100% of your applications are up-to-date.

In the Patchman Portal, every detection has its own state. The following states are defined:

  • Unresolved: The detection is new or no action has been taken yet.
  • Resolved: The detection has been resolved. This is either by the script being updated and the vulnerability fixed, or when Patchman has applied a patch to the file.
  • Blocked: No actions will be automatically executed for this detection.
  • Reverted: The detection has been resolved, but the fix has been reverted back to the original state.

The following actions are available for detections, which are accessible by pressing the 'Actions' dropdown.

  • Patch: Resolve the vulnerability by patching the file immediately.
  • Block: Block all automated tasks of detection. This will prevent the file from being patched if patching is scheduled, and is not recommended.
  • Undo Quarantine: This will restore the quarantined file. This is not recommended, as this file is certified to contain malware and will leave your account vulnerable.
  • Undo Patch: Revert the patch file to its original state. We don't recommend this action unless absolutely necessary, as this will leave your account vulnerable.


You can review a list of up-to-date and outdated applications installed in your account by clicking the "Applications" link at the top of the screen, disable notifications for the account by clicking the "Notifications" link or perform a manual scan of the account by clicking "Perform scan".

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