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How to upload your website using FrontPage FTP

Open your website in FrontPage and follow the instructions below to upload the site with FTP.

  1.     Click on the 'File' menu, then on the 'Publish Site' option in FrontPage.
  2.     From the 'Remote Web Site Properties' select the 'FTP' option.
  3.     Enter (replace with your domain name) into the 'Remote Web site location' field.
  4.     Enter /public_html/ into the FTP directory field.
  5.     Check the 'Use Passive FTP' option and click 'OK'.
  6.     In the 'Username' field, enter your accounts username and domain name in the format of ''.
  7.     Enter your account's password in the 'Password' field and click 'OK'.
  8.     Press the 'Publish Web Site' button.
  9.     If you are asked if you wish to remove files in the 'webalizer' directory, please select 'No'.

These instructions relate to FrontPage 2003, but are similar in other versions.

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