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Penguin Server Issue (Reported)

Affecting Server - Penguin | Priority - Critical

We are presently updating the cPanel software for the Penguin server - This update wasn't scheduled, and we apologise for the lack of notice!
...A vulnerability/flaw has been found within Exim, which is the mail server software that all cPanel servers use and an urgent update has been required.

We started this update last night, during off-peak hours, but due to complications, this update is taking much, much longer than expected.

Thank you for your patience, and we once again apologise for this unexpected Exim email server issue.

We'll keep you updated.

Date - 12/06/2019 07:14

Last Updated - 12/06/2019 07:15

Cannot Read License File Error - Penguin Serv (In Progress)

Affecting Server - Penguin | Priority - Medium


We have noticed that there is a cPanel error for customers that are on our Penguin server

- This issue is due to a conflict on the cPanel license. We have contacted the cPanel team to resolve this issue and are waiting for their reply.

Websites aren't affected and are operating normally, it's just cPanel access that is having the problem.

If you need to access your email online you can use Mail2Web:

Thank you for your patience.


UK Secure

Date - 10/04/2019 00:00

Last Updated - 10/04/2019 08:33

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