About UsUK Secure Web Hosting History:

Established in 2001 – UK Secure Web Hosting bounced into life in 2001 with our ‘Extremely competitive solution for YOU!’ campaign.  Since then we have had thousands of worldwide clients sign up for our web hosting services.  We moved from Lincolnshire in 2003 and now have an address in Central London.

2022 and Moving Forward…

The focus of UK Secure Web Hosting is still to make web hosting easy and cheaper for your personal websites, business websites and online shops.

We offer the very best web hosting solutions in simple packages for personal website users and small to medium size businesses.  We are trying to make it simple enough so that novice users, as well as advanced users, can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer.  Whatever your level of expertise, our support staff are here to assist you.


Green Hosting – We Also Help the Environment By Planting Trees!

Trees for the FutureFor every web hosting order you place we will plant a tree with help from our partner Trees for the Future. But not just any tree, all the trees planted will create sustainable sources of crop, shade, soil rehabilitation, food, windbreaks, medicine, mudslide control, timber and much more for communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Not only do we plant a tree for every new hosting plan you sign up for, when you renew your hosting plan we’ll plant another new tree and then we will continue to plant a new tree every year you renew your hosting services with us – We want to help plant as many new trees as we can!


Our Mailing Address:

UK Secure Web Hosting
Communication House
26 York Street