UK Hosting With The World’s Best Control Panel – The cPanel

cPanel LogoAll our hosting plans include the cPanel – Which is a very easy to use control panel to help you manage your website and email accounts. UK Secure Web Hosting provides this best and the most popular hosting control panel, the cPanel for free. Also known as cPanel hosting.

UK cPanel hosting for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interface for managing a website. With using the cPanel, you can easily administer your email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP and control every aspect of your website.

We have plenty of cPanel demonstrations and tutorials available so you can see how simple it is to control your website, click here to view how to make use of the cPanel control panel features. Read more about managing your sites with ease and cPanel hosting at the official cPanel website.

Our Easy-to-Navigate cPanel Control Panel includes:

Email Management Tools

Email Management Tools

Easily manage all your email accounts from one area. Establish new email addresses for your businesses or personal domain names, set up email forwarding and other functions.

You Can Stop Spam and Unwanted Junk Mail – Via the cPanel you can tweak your SpamAssassin settings and stop junk mail.

Out of the Office? We’ve got Auto-Responders & Email Forwarding – Going on holiday? The cPanel enables you to set-up your website’s auto responders in a snap. You’ll be able to forward every email that has been sent to one email address over to another email address. Your and can all be forwarded to you at Check all emails sent to all website-related email addresses from one email account.

Online Email Access – Webmail – Get online access to your e-mail from any web browser from anywhere. You have the choice of three webmail clients: Horde, RoundCube or Squirrel mail. Each of these webmail clients work like Gmail.

Plus, easily set up and access your emails on your mobile devices, such as your tablet, iPad, Android and iPhone etc.

Domain Management

Domain management is simple and fast. Add sub-domains, Add-on domains, park domains and create webpage redirects.

Sub-domains – Create subdomains for different website areas. For example, you can create a subdomain for pictures on your site called “pics” that is accessible through the URL in addition to

Parked domains – “Park” or “point” other domain names you own to your existing website. Users reach your website when clicking the “parked” or “pointed” domain in their browsers. You have and sent to

Custom Redirects – Make one webpage redirect to another page, displaying the contents of that page. You can make a web page with a long URL accessible using a web page with a shorter, easier-to-remember URL: goes to

cPanel Domain Management
Awstats Log Analyzer cPanel

cPanel’s Website Statistics & Logs

It’s easy to track your stats and view your logs.

AWStats – This function gives you visual stats about visitors coming to your website

Error Logs – Shows you the last 300 lines of your errors logs on your website. Detect broken links, PHP errors, track down 500 errors or which needed files don’t exist – This enables you to fix coding errors quickly.

Latest Visitors – This functionality allows you to view 300 of your most recent visitors.

Bandwidth Reports – This gives you an idea of the daily and monthly bandwidth data usage for your website. View current month bandwidth and total data bandwidth usage.

File Management

Online File Manager – Upload, create and delete files. Organize your files into convenient folders. Change permissions for individual files.

Backups – Backup and download to your computer a zipped copy of individual parts of your website or the entire site.

Disk Space Usage Report – View how much disk space has been taken up by website folders and emails.

FTP – Transfer files with unlimited accounts. Using FTP Session Control, it’s easy for you to see at any time who is logged into your site through FTP.

Manage Your Files With cPanel
cPanel Advanced Tools

Advanced cPanel Tools

The cPanel has loads of advanced tools – Manage your security features, MySQL databases, scripts, MX and DNS records, and more.

Database Management

MySQL Wizard,
Remote MySQL,

Advanced Tools

Choice of PHP versions,
Cron Jobs,
Custom Error Pages,
Custom MIME types,
CGI Centre,
PERL modules,

Security Features

Password Protect Directories,
Leech Protection,
HotLink Protection,
IP Deny Manager,
Encryption with GnuPG Keys

Moving? Transferring Your Existing UK cPanel Hosting Account To UK Secure Is Easy:

cPanel Hosting - Transfer Your cPanel WebsiteIf you are considering transferring your website over to UK Secure Web Hosting and your existing host also uses the cPanel control panel, then moving over is a breeze. Once you open an account with us submit a support ticket, provide us with your cPanel hosting login details from your existing host and we’ll transfer everything over for you, including your email accounts, email filters, databases, log files, cronjobs etc. Read more details about moving your web hosting account.


Please contact us if you require any more details or if you have any questions regarding cPanel hosting.