UK Secure Web Hosting is a Trees For The Future Partner

2,500 Trees Planted! – UK Secure Web Hosting partnered up with the charity organisation Trees For The Future last year and since then we have donated and planted a tree every time you order a web hosting account! So far with your help we have supported Trees For The Future to plant 2,500 trees across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

UK Secure Web Hosting is a small hosting company that strives to be green. In our office we recycle everything that is possible, we also mostly buy used office equipment instead of new. We see no reason for good usable items to go into a landfill site, so if we don’t want it then we donate it. We’ve also had the opportunity to give back even more by becoming an environmentally green hosting business by actually planting trees.

This is what we don’t do – We don’t hunt and kill elephants unlike GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons does with his domain registration profits. We don’t think that sitting on a dead elephant is anything to smile about:

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Kills An Elephant - 2011
This is what we do – Green hosting. Order or renew your web hosting with UK Secure Web Hosting and you help us to achieve these smiling faces:

UK Secure helping Trees For The Future

Papayas bring in local income when sold in the Kenyan marketplaces.


Trees For The Future in Cameroon

A member of Kungi Farming Group in Cameroon receives African plum (Dacryodes edulis) seedlings to plant by the pond on his forest garden.


Banana Tree

Students at Kola Kebada School in Ethiopia planted trees on and around their campus.

We actually make a difference with what we do by helping to plant trees for the future by using some of the profits that we make. The original photos can be seen on
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