Google Chrome SSL TLS Security Warning

Beginning this July 2018, the Chrome web browser will begin labeling websites and web pages that do not use HTTPS as “Not secure”.

This isn’t a problem at ALL for any website that is hosted with UK Secure Web Hosting – All our hosting plans include a free SSL certificate, so you and your customers won’t have any issues and will NOT see the “Not secure” warning. Simply upgrade your site and website links to use HTTPS instead of HTTP to make Google happy – Contact our support team if you need help.

This represents a significant change and many more people will encounter these Google Chrome web browser warnings as a result. (Previously, Chrome only showed this indicator after someone entered text into a form on HTTP-only pages.)

The image below, taken from the Chrome team’s blog February 8, 2018 announcement, illustrates the impending change:

Chrome has approximately 60% of the market share today across desktop and mobile, so sites without HTTPS should rightfully be concerned with how their users will perceive the “Not secure” indicator. We recommend that you update your site to use HTTPS and take advantage of your free included SSL certificate that’s included with your web hosting plan.