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Occasionally to help you with a hosting or email problem, we might ask you for your IP address to help us resolve problems. If your IP address is not shown above then simply go to Google, Bing, Ask or DuckDuckGo etc. and search for ‘What’s My IP Address’ the results will also show your IP address that your internet service provider (ISP) has assigned to you.

What is an IP Address?

What's My IP Address?IP = Internet Protocol. Simply put, an IP address is your unique address on the internet. It’s a unique string of numbers that your internet provider assigns to your computer, cable, DSL modem and to your smart phone when you sign on to the internet. It’s a little bit like a telephone number, it’s unique and only assigned to you while you access the internet, but it can change as there are shortages of IPv4 numbers. So when you logout of your computer or reboot your modem your IP address can change, in most cases you’ll have what is called a dynamic IP address, unless you have paid your internet provider for a static IP address which won’t change. An IP address (IPv4, the most common at the moment) format looks like this –

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