Live Uptime Server Statistics – Monitored 24/7

We know that server and website downtime hurts, so we at UK Secure Web Hosting are very proud to announce and to show off our web hosting reliability.

Many web hosting companies say they have ‘99%’ server uptimes, but most won’t prove it to you. The statistics below are provided by a third party monitoring company, Pingdom and they are produced independently of UK Secure Web Hosting.  Our servers have been monitored every 60 seconds by Pingdom since the introduction.

We don’t know of any other UK web hosting company that will publish this information to the public. The statistics of our servers uptime for the last 30 days are shown below:

Uptime Report for Osprey Server: Last 30 days   Uptime Report for Penguin Server: Last 30 days

You can also view our Pingdom public summary pages (status pages) for our servers which includes the current server status, server disruptions and outages for up to the last 2 years:


Please contact us if you require any more details or if you have any questions about our server reliability.