The Best Ecommerce Hosting – Complete with an SSL Certificate

Ecommerce Hosting with SSL certificates

Ecommerce hosting has never been easier with UK Secure Web Hosting. Our Ecommerce plan includes a complementary SSL certificate and security that you can count on. Our encryption boasts the highest levels of security available to web users right now, at 256-bit, and when you match that with a low price of only £99.99 per year, you have the most comprehensive and affordable plan for Web eCommerce hosting anywhere.

Whether you’re running an online store and mail your goods out for delivery or if you run a virtual store that offers downloads or software, gaining the trust of your customers and offering them the very best in security will gain their trust. This means that the more security you can offer your customers, the more they will keep returning to use your services and web site. Protecting your customers’ privacy, such as their personal and financial information, encrypted passwords, and other information that could be disastrous in the wrong hands is vital when you’re searching for hosting with eCommerce.

When your site has an SSL certificate, it can protect all of this information, especially when your customers make a purchase online. The information that is sent between them and your site is highly encrypted so that it cannot be stolen by a third party in transit. This is usually how unauthorised purchases and identity theft occurs online, and when customers see that your site is secure with one of these certificates, they will be more confident in making a purchase.

SSL certificates are crucial for your website if you ask that your patrons log on or if you have a shopping cart on your site. Companies that offer hosting for ecommerce are not all the same, and when you choose UK Secure, you and your customers will enjoy the benefits of unparalleled security.

We provide the safest way to secure your ecommerce website and to gain customer trust.


GeoTrust SSL
RapidSSL Certificates
Our site offers 256-bit GeoTrust RapidSSL Secure Certificates.

yes We offer the highest levels of security with 256-bit SSL encryption.
yes Protect your customers when they make purchases and send sensitive information.
yes HTTPS & a closed padlock icon will increase buyer confidence.
yes A visible trust mark on your site will give consumers peace of mind.
yes 99 percent of all browsers recognise RapidSSL Certificates.

Online Store Offer your customers access to your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

yes Adding an SSL certificate to your online store is the hallmark of good ecommerce web hosting.

Secure Personal Data Encrypt highly sensitive data that is transmitted to your site.

yes Protect your customers’ sensitive data, even if they log in from public or unsecured networks; passwords and financial data will all be highly encrypted.

https secure padlock Display a secure padlock on your site and increase customer trust; visitors will not have to worry about submitting personal information to your online store.

yes Your visitors will see the familiar padlock and will feel more comfortable submitting information to your website.


When you choose our ecommerce web hosting plan, you can choose from a number of free virtual shopping cart programs. These apps are simple to download and easy to use. Some of the carts that we offer include osCommerce, Zen Cart, and CubeCart, among many others. You may also upload your own shopping cart program.

Our control panel also comes with Softaculous, which is a PHP script auto installer. It will take only moments to install some of the Web’s most sought after Web site scripts. With your personalised cPanel control panel, you can choose the location of your shopping cart, and the software will place it there instantly. It’s simple to use, even if you’re not familiar with working with these programs.

UK Secure Web Hosting offers you all of these features and extras for the low price of £99.99 annually. You will be able to ensure your customers’ safety and online security, which will increase your profits. There is no extra work for you; everything is included. We will:

  • Assign an individual dedicated IP address for your site
  • Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
  • Use the CSR to generate a 256-bit SSL Certificate
  • Create and upload your SSL Certificate
  • Secure your web site by activating the https:// security feature

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Ecommerce hosting with UK Secure Web Hosting as your web hosting provider is the ultimate combination for your web site.  Sign up and be online within 5 minutes!