Example of a secure logo added to PayPal payment page using SSL.

All of our web hosting packages include this PayPal logo SSL secure ability to include your own logo to the PayPal check-out page.

– However you if don’t require web hosting, for just £4.99 per year you can add your own SSL logo to create your own custom payment page on PayPal, eBay and many other secure payment processors.

If you use PayPal, eBay to sell your products on-line, you can include your own logo on the check-out/payment page, but you are asked for the https secure logo location – ‘https and secure location’ (SSL) of your image or logo…. We offer this service and more:

> Instant Account Creation.
> All PayPal customers can use this service – USA, UK, Europe and PayPal Worldwide.
> Very simple to set up – 5 minutes.
> Create your own custom PayPal check-out payment page.
> You don’t need a web site or a domain name for this service.
> You get your own control panel, so you can instantly upload your own logo images from your web browser.
> Use your SSL Secure (https://) logo or non-secure (http://) logo.
> Upload and store 50+ different versions of your own logo (.gif, .jpg or .png) and use https:// or http://
> Change and update your logos at anytime, 24/7 – You don’t need to contact us.
> Unique SSL Secure URL for every image/logo – Different image/logo for ‘sales’, ‘seasons’ and ‘holidays’ (Christmas, Easter), etc.
> Free Statistics – See where your logos or images locations are being used and when.

Look professional and display your own SSL logo on your PayPal payment page for just £4.99.


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How to add your SSL secure image/logo to PayPal
How to add your SSL secure image/logo to PayPal:

Sign up for our £4.99 per year SSL Secure Logo Plan.

Upload your logo to our secure servers using the simple details that have been emailed to you after you have signed up with us – Then:

1) Login to your PayPal account.
2) Select Profile.
3) Find ‘Hosted payment settings’ heading and select ‘Custom payment page styles’.
4) Add Custom Page Style.
5) Add ‘Header Image URL’ with your secure logo path (https://secure.dnsuk.co.uk/your-username/your_image_name.gif).
6) Save your style page.
7) Make your new style page as primary style page.
8) Finished 🙂

Last updated: 2014/08/05
– Please contact us if you have any questions about PayPal secure logo hosting (secure image hosting) – We will be glad to help you.